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One Step at a Time

Our goal is to

offer financial support through a difficult time to the families of people who are enduring cancer treatment between the ages of 18-35. Financial support is offered for

non-medical expenses including rent, mortgage, utilities, childcare, food, transportation, car insurance and phone.

Ask us for more information.

Each grant may be dispersed for up to $500.

Additional Information


  • Reside in the state of Florida.

  • Have a confirmed diagnosis of cancer 

  • Be in active treatment or in follow up care from treatment. 

  • Between the ages of 18-35 years old.  

  • Has not received the Financial Support Grant from the Alexander Trujillo Foundation in the last 6 months.

**This program relies on the generosity of our sponsors and donors. The program is may close or fluctuate  grant amount distributed based off available funds.**

Taxable Income

As a 501(c)(3), Alexander Trujillo Foundation  is exempt from federal income tax. Individuals who receive the financial support grant to meet their personal needs to not typically pay federal income tax on the value received.  

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