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The CycleGives Cancer Awareness Event at CycleBar Wellington

October 24, 2023

Post Written By: Paola A. Trujillo

Cancer Awareness Ride with CycleBar Wellington

On a sunny Saturday morning, our community came together at CycleBar Wellington for a very special event. The energy was palpable as we gathered to pedal with a purpose. We weren't just working out; we were making a difference.

This year, CycleBar Wellington participated in the Global CycleGives to Cancer Awareness, where all funds raised that day by the participating CycleBar locations are donated to a cancer charity. Our local Wellington studio selected the Alexander Trujillo Foundation for this beautiful cause. They converted their studio to a marvelous event and invited local vendors Pura Vida Miami and Link x Lou Palm Beach who connected with the participants.

CycleBar Wellington's partnership with our organization, Alexander Trujillo Foundation, reflects our commitment to supporting young adult cancer patients. As an organization we work towards providing financial support, mental support, and awareness for those battling cancer during the challenging phase of young adulthood. The CycleGives Cancer Awareness event was an opportunity for our organization to come together with our community to show support in a tangible way.

As we clipped in and started our ride, it was evident that everyone in the room was there for more than just a workout. We were there to make a positive impact on the lives of young adults fighting cancer. The music was pumping, and Michelle, our CycleBar instructor, was motivating, and the unity in the room was unparalleled. I will speak with a personal touch in this post today and make a special shoutout to Michelle. The playlist selection was on point! Each song had a meaning behind it, impacting each one of us in the room with strength and compassion..

In the end, the CycleGives Cancer Awareness event was a testament to the power of community and the difference we can make when we come together with purpose. We want to express our deepest gratitude to all who participated and supported this event. It's just the beginning of what we can achieve together. We encourage you to reach out to CycleBar Wellington or follow them on instagram for information on scheduling a ride in the future.

Instagram : @CycleBarWellington

If you would like to participate with us and make a contribution towards a young adult who has cancer visit our website or make an online donation here. (Click Link)

Our commitment to spreading awareness of young adult cancer doesn't stop with this event. We're excited to continue our partnership and further grow awareness within our community. Together, we can make an even greater impact in the lives of those who need it most.

Thank you, CycleBar Wellington community, for making this event such a success!

If you are a business owner and are interested in partnering with the Alexander Trujillo Foundation to support young adults with cancer, please reach out to Paola Trujillo at

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